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Unlock Your Writing Potential with Urban Publishing Club!

There can be a number of reasons making hurdles between you and your dream.

  • Expert Guidance
  • Overcome Writer's Block
  • Boost Productivity
  • Navigate Publishing
  • Connect with a Community
  • Ignite Creativity
  • Stay Motivated
  • Develop Your Author Brand.
  • Access Resources.
  • Financial constraints

How We Can Help?

At Urban Publishing Club, we provide valuable resources, expert guidance, and a supportive community to help you overcome challenges and achieve your writing goals. From overcoming writer's block and navigating the publishing industry to igniting creativity and developing your author brand, we have the tools and expertise to assist you at every step. With access to writing guides, editing tools, and industry insights, let us be your partner in unlocking your writing potential and bringing your literary aspirations to life. Join us today and discover the support you need to succeed.

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    Researching and Outlining the

    We seek to understand your idea and requirements and devise a plot scheme after thorough research.

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    Writing Genuine Content Based on Your Idea

    Once you approve the plot outline, the ghostwriter will start writing original content in line with your idea.

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    Critical Review, Editing, and Proofreading

    We keep on editing the draft in tandem with the writing progress. Once the written part is complete, our editors.

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    Extensive Formatting, Typesetting, and Designing

    As soon as the manuscript is written, edited and proofread, and approved by the client, we format it extensively.

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    Publishing, Branding, Marketing, and Promotions

    After the final manuscript has been approved for publishing, we publish the eBook in your desired format.


Empowering Solutions for Writers:

Urban Publishing Club offers a range of empowering solutions to support and elevate your writing journey. Our comprehensive services are designed to address common challenges and provide practical assistance to help you succeed. Whether you're struggling with writer's block, seeking guidance in navigating the publishing world, or aiming to boost your productivity, we have the solutions you need. From expert advice and resources to a vibrant community of writers, our platform is a valuable source of inspiration, motivation, and practical support. Let us help you overcome obstacles, unleash your creativity, and achieve your writing goals. Join Urban Publishing Club today and unlock your true writing potential.

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  • Education and Day Care

  • Startups and Consultants

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Excited for Your Manuscript to Be Published?

Look no further! Urban Publishing Club is your one-stop destination for all your book writing and publishing needs. We provide comprehensive solutions to bring your manuscript to life. Our range of services includes:

  • E-book publication
  • Web design and internet SEO
  • Branding and publicity
  • Audiobooks
  • Video book trailers
  • Cover designing and typesetting
Urban Publishing Club is your

Ultimate resource to hire professional ghostwriters

Hire one of our seasoned ghostwriters and make your dream book come to life.

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Client Testimonials

We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our work.


"I am a creative writer too but due to lack of time, I had to order my book. I was conscious in the beginning whether this company Urban Publishing Club. would be able to stand on my expectations or not. But the moment I got my first draft I has truly impressed with their level of work and flawlessness. They have made my idea shine with creativity and a superior writing style."
Isabella LindnerChairman - CEO


"Urban Publishing Club. has been wonderful in editing my book. They are working in a very timely and responsive way. I appreciate the easy way of communicating with them via email, phone and texting. I had my book already written and so they are doing the editing, making suggestions and if I don't like them they are very amiable with my rejections. I really like working with them and have already recommended them to several other people."
Juan JoseAuthor


"I can only agree with the positive reviews - I have recommended the company from a friend, which is why I wanted to try it. I can say that I am very satisfied with the service, the order was processed quickly and the price fits. Very recommendable."
Julian RauschEducationist and Author


"Top agency. Had no time to prepare my idea into a proper book, so I sought here professional help and was not disappointed. The process with data transfer and preparation was very fast and excellent. Everything is right here, the quality of the work and the price. Thank you again."
Olli J KleinAuthor

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